Magic Hero vs. Rock People

Image of Magic Hero vs. Rock People


Dark sunshine pop debut by Magic Hero vs. Rock People

"Displaying psych-pop tendencies crossed with a love of Todd Rundgren (there is a track called “A New Wizard, A New Star"), The self titled album from Magic Hero vs. Rock People is an admirable collection of 20 short songs that are interesting, varied, well produced and never dull, meaning the album flies by, as you hum melodies, get captured by the lyrics and sometimes wonder who that song reminds you of. As with so many Terrascopic albums, this gets better the more you play it, revealing missed textures, or short songs that were hidden last time around." --- Simon Lewis and Stephen Palmer, Terrascope UK

"beautifully produced and always interesting." --- Tom Rapp, Pearls Before Swine

1 After the Game / 2 Only a Wizard in the Wind / 3 Out of Season / 4 Wonder Is All Around / 5 Rocketing Rhythms II / 6 The Close Purveyor of Fog / 7 Selfless Nameless Vanity / 8 Upset in the Sun / 9 Short-Leaf Clover / 10 Addicts and Dealers / 11 Say What You Want / 12 Astro-Turf / 13 A New Wizard, a New Star / 14 This is All I Can Do / 15 One-Way Woman / 16 Not Far from Home / 17 We Sail Around / 18 The World Unknown / 19 The Only Road You're Gonna Find / 20 World for Kings

(mini-LP style CD)