Magic Hero Collection

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All 5 of Magic Hero vs. Rock People's original mini LP-style CDs offered as a package. Includes Magic Hero vs. Rock People, Begin Thee Again, Odd Zen Ends, Great Gondolas Calling, and Oak of the Golden Dream.

These are all-analog recordings, cut in an old-fashioned manner: tapes, tubes, transformers, and transistors. The recordings were transferred to disc directly from the 1/4" 2-track and mono masters.

Magic Hero vs. Rock People - Dark sunshine pop debut. 20 tracks, including "Only A Wizard in the Wind", "After the Game", "Only Road You're Gonna Find", and "Astro-Turf".

Begin Thee Again - Existential soft-psych. Featuring "You Must Stand On Your Own", "The Honor of Great Choices" and 13 more.

Odd Zen Ends - Psychedelic freak-outs, featuring guest star Sky Saxon. Includes "Hole in Time", "He's Gone", "Ripple and Wind" and "Acid Greets Yahowha". 15 tracks, 70 minutes.

Great Gondolas Calling - '60s folk pop, featuring three Charles Manson tunes: "Home Is Where You're Happy", "Look At Your Game Girl" and "Eyes of the Dreamer", along with seven originals.

Oak of the Golden Dream - Magic Hero's California sound. 15 tracks, including "It All Depends on Everything", "Summer Is A Place in My Mind", and "Treat It Like Your First".

(5 mini LP-style CDs)