Secret Enemies 7" vinyl EP

Image of Secret Enemies 7" vinyl EP


Secret Enemies by Magic Hero Vs Rock People -

"Unearthing an unissued 1967 Harry Nilsson demo that was originally penned for the Monkees via scholarly research and then recording it as if the past 45 years has not happened is a most wonderful Shindig!-worthy endeavor. Magic Hero vs. Rock People deliver Nilsson's unknown 'I Live In A World' with a performance and production that capture every nuance you would have heard from the maverick himself. Of the remaining four tracks on this seven-inch maxi-EP/mini-LP, '1978' could have been on 'Ariel Ballet', stating the huge influence Harry has on these guys. It's eccentricity and story telling lyricism is a joy.

Elsewhere Magic Hero are redolant of a quirky small town American college band of the period. 'Question of Treason' has a garage band doing The Doors and Strawberry Alarm Clock thing going on -- its slightly off vocals and wobbly, tremeloed guitars adding an incredible air of authenticity." -- Jon Mojo Mills, Shindig! Magazine.

Side One: 1. I Live in a World / 2. Heroes for Sale - Side Two: 1. Time to Crawl in My Hole / 2. 1978 / 3. Question of Treason

(7" vinyl EP -- limited edition of 300)